2022 Yearbook

Yearbook, Manual & Roster

Lynne Batchelor

Celebrate! Cultivate! Commemorate!
Membership – 16,662
Clubs – 239; Associate Plant Societies – 48; Affiliate – 1San Diego River thru Mission Valley

Photo of CGCI PresidentWelcome to the online version of the traditional Yearbook, Manual & Roster (YMR). The print edition of the YMR has been replaced with a new user-friendly, environmentally responsible, cost-saving Directory. The Executive Committee envisioned the new format and it is the result of the dedication and creativity of many members. A huge œthank you to all who contributed by verifying contact information and proofreading. Digital copies of the new Directory are available upon request at no charge. A limited number of additional print copies can also be ordered. Contact YMR Chairman, Robin Pokorski, cgcirobin@gmail.com. Lynne

This digital version of the 2022-23 Yearbook, Manual & Roster includes all of the information (and a bit more!) previously provided in the print version with the EXCEPTION of mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

The full contact information for CGCI Board of Directors and Club/APS/Affiliate presidents is available in the NEW 2022-23 Directory.  

A complimentary copy of the 2022-23 Directory has been mailed to every CGCI Board member and Organization President.

Digital copies of the 2022-23 Directory, in PDF format, are available at no charge from the Yearbook Chairman at cgcirobin@gmail.com.  

A limited number of additional print copies of the Directory can also be ordered from the Yearbook Chairman at $10 per copy.

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