Dues: Additional Members (Clubs/APS)

Complete and submit the form below for those individuals joining your organization between now and June 30.

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Print TWO copies before clicking on the Submit button
Due Periodically
For members joining after the
initial payment for the year.
1.  Complete the form
2.  PRINT THE PAGE (click “Print Form” button. Print TWO copies – one to mail and one for your records)
3.  SUBMIT AN ELECTRONIC COPY of the form (click “Submit” button)
4.  Make Check payable to “CGCI” (Dues are $2.75 per capita)
5.  Mail printed form and check to:
CGCI Membership Chairman
Marlene Kinney
315 Windmill Canyon Place
Clayton, CA 94517-1904
NOTE: If no initial payment is received by October 1 the organization becomes ineligible for participation in the CGCI Awards program and to apply for Liability Insurance or the Group Tax Exemption Program.