Dues Form Instructions

Due Date: July 1


(Initial payment for the fiscal year)

1. Complete the form

2. PRINT THE PAGE (click "Print Form" . Print TWO copies - one to mail and one for your records)

3. SUBMIT AN ELECTRONIC COPY of the form (click "Submit" button)

4. Make Check payable to "CGCI" (Dues are $2.75 per capita)

5. Mail printed form and check to:

CGCI Membership Chairman Nina Blonski
5050 Traverse Creek Road, Garden Valley, 95633

Questions:  Contact Membership Chairman: cgcimembership@cagardenclubs.org

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NOTE: If no initial payment is received by October 1 the organization becomes ineligible for participation in the CGCI Awards program and to apply for Liability Insurance or the Group Tax Exemption Program.

Dues: Annual (Clubs/APS)

***This form is to be used FOR
2023-2024 ANNUAL dues***

If you are paying the General Liability Insurance premium go to: Insurance   DO NOT USE THIS FORM

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Check payable to CGCI. Mail to Nina Blonski, 5050 Traverse Creek Road, Garden Valley 95633

Click the button below to Submit. On the confirmation page you will be able to PRINT TWO copies (one to mail with check; one for your records)