Forms are used to collect important administrative information, i.e. organization contact information, or as a vehicle to submit payments for dues, registrations, purchases or donations.  The forms on this website are either online “webforms” or in “fillable” pdf format.
DUES: Annual Form (Club/APS initial payment 2022-2023)
DUES: Additional Members Dues Form (Club/APS-members joining during club year after initial payment)
Membership: Annual Contact Information Form (Garden Clubs & APS)
MembershipNew Application Form (Clubs/Plant Society-valid thru June 30, 2023)
Membership: Renewal Procedures (guidelines)
Life Membership: CGCI Application
Life Membership: NGC Application
Group Tax Exemption Program (GTEP):
GTEP: Annual Renewal Form (2023)
GTEP: Application Form (New applications)
California Charity: Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report RRF-1 (NEW 2022)
California Charity: Raffle Registration Form (NEW 2022)
California Charity: Raffle Report Form (NEW 2020)
Insurance: Application/Renewal Form (Effective Feb 2023-2024)
Insurance: Agreement Form (Revised 2020)
2023 Brochure: Everything you need to know about General Liability Insurance available to CGCI member organizations.
The following are to be completed online, printed and mailed with check:
Donation Form: Blue Star Memorials
Donation Form: CGCI Endowment Fund
Donation Form: CGCI Scholarship Fund
Donation Form: Sempervirens Fund
Life Membership: CGCI Application  
Life Membership: NGC Application
Webforms are to be completed online from this website.  When submitted, completed forms will go directly to the appropriate recipient (officer or chairman). A copy can be printed for your file or to mail with a check but cannot be saved to your computer.
PDF forms require Adobe Reader. Download the latest FREE version.  These forms can be completed electronically and saved to your computer for printing and mailing, just follow the instructions on the form page.