Procedures & Guidelines Update Form

This form may be used by any CGCI Board member to create or update the description or procedures for their position.
  • Review the position description in the Yearbook, Manual & Roster, District Director’s or Chairman’s Handbook
  • Send proposed changes/updates to the President and Yearbook chairman by June 1
  • If there is no procedure established for the position, work with the District Director or Chairman Coordinator to create one.
  • The form below will automatically be sent to the appropriate recipients (CGCI President, Yearbook Chairman, District Director Coordinator and/or Chairman Coordinator) NOTE:  Submit ONE form for EACH position you hold.
  • Based on the information provided the procedures will be updated.
    NOTE for CHAIRMEN:  If your position description requires more than the space provided below, please summarize your duties here and submit a detailed account to the Chairman Coordinator
  • Line codes are listed in the following:  General Line Codes, Restricted Fund Line Codes

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