Floral Designs from Palomar District

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Abstract - Sandi Williams - Banksia

Abstract - Sonja Longley - Sunflower Sago (manipulated)

Angular - Perry A - Papyrus

Angular- Protea Phormium (NZ Flax)

Assemblage - Pauline Sechi - Dried Ginger

Collage - Dee Brooks-

Construction - Calla Lily Dried Palm

Creative - Mary Poythress - Painted Gourds

Creative - Shirley Eastman - Leucadendron

Creative - Sonja Longley = Anthirium Pal infleurecent Flax

Creative Line - Leucospermum Fatsia Leaves

Creative Line Mass - Pauline Sechi Bells of Ireland Gerberas Calla Lily

Creative-Ikebana Style - Rumi Rice - Anthirium Orchid

Exhibition Table Type II - Gudy Kimmel

Exhibition Type II Table - George Spear

Floor Design - George Speer - Palm Spathe Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

FORUM02 03-2005.jpg.psd.jpg.psd

Functional Table - Breakfast Tray Dee Brooks

Hanging Type II - George Speer - Palm Spathe Leucadendron

Illuminary - Myrna Hines

Line Mass - Dorothy Driscoll

Mini 3 in

Mini 5 in jpg

Op Art - Dee Brooks

Op Art - Sonja Longley

Panel - Elba Costello-

Panel - Pauline Sechi - Protea

Pauline Sechi Monobotanic FERN's

Pot et' fluer - Pauline Sechi - Potted Brimilliads Sago Palm leaves

Sandi Williams - Sunflowers Strelitzia Peppers

Sculptural - Shirley Eastman

Scultural SF

Small 8ln. Hanging Type II - Pauline Sechi

Spatial Thrust - Dee Brooks - Equisetum Leucospermum

Stretch - Pauline Sechi -

Topiary - Pauline Sechi - Roses, Christmas Rose, Agapanthus Buds

Topiary - Sonja Longley - Gourds Fruit

Transparentcy-Perry A

Transparency - Dorothy Driscoll

Transparency - Jill Coleman


Under Water - Pauline Sechi

Underwater - George Speer = Leucadendron, Fern Fronds (un-open)

Design Descriptions


ABSTRACT-CREATIVE –a creative design in which the selection, treatment and manner of organization of plant materials and other components are chosen in order to contribute toward non-realistic, non-naturalistic and non-representational design.

ANGULAR-a creative design, in which there is a strong emphasis on angular components.
ASSEMBLAGE- a three-dimensional Abstract-Creative design consisting of a combination of “found”, disparate objects and plant material.
COLLAGE-an Abstract-Creative design in low relief created on a background panel with components attached to the panel.
CONSTRUCTION-a creative design with strong overall architectural characteristics, resulting from use of geometric form/s combined into a single unit.
CREATIVE LINE- a creative design in which line direction is dominant, characterized by an open silhouette, a minimum of plant materials or other components are used.
CREATIVE LINE-MASS-a creative design as in creative line with the exception of additional plant material and components are included to add strength and depth to the design.
CREATIVE MASS-a creative mass design, emphasizing plant material and other components. Enclosed space may be considered.
EXHIBITION TABLE TYPE II- table components placed in an exhibition manner without a decorative unit. Some plant material must be incorporated.
FLOOR-a large creative design, staged on the floor with no height requirements.
FUNCTIONAL TABLE -exhibit planned and set for actual service of food. Must have a decorative unit applicable to the size of area given.
HANGING TYPE II -a suspended kinetic creative design, to be judged at a comfortable viewing height.
ILLUMINARY-a creative design incorporating light/s for special effects.
MINITURE-maybe any design style. Traditional or creative, and any design type but reduced in size.
OP-ART-an abstract design, having implied visual motion.
PANEL-a three-dimensional creative design, self supporting or suspended in which a panel/s, plant material, and other components are used.
MONO-BOTANIC-a creative design, using multiple parts of plant/s of one family or genus. Parts may be stems, bloom/s, foliage, fruits, roots etc.
POT-ET-FLEUR-a creative design consisting of a combination of two or more rooted plants, growing in soil or other medium, cut material and other components in a container.
SCULPTURAL FORM-a creative design, featuring a three dimensional sculptural form.
SMALL-same as miniature designs, except that it may not exceed 8” in height and width.
SPATIAL THRUST-a creative design, in which two parallel placements (lines) of like material, are used to define a volume of vacant space, creating a feeling of thrust.
STRETCH-a creative design in two units, one smaller than the other, having a prominent component connecting the two units and referred to as the “stretch component”.
TOPIARY-a creative design created on a stylized or contrived tree form adorned with cut plant materials and optional non-plant material.
TRANSPARENCY-a creative design including se-through element/s that permit so components to be viewed through others.
MULTI-RHYTHMIC-a creative design, with emphasis on two or more rhythms in the design.
UNDERWATER-a creative design having component/s including some all plant material, submerged in water to create interest.