Youth Group New/Renewal Form

Youth Groups can be organized in schools, churches, recreational and after-school programs, Scouts, 4-H, FFA, FHA, Campfire, and similar groups.
Each category of youth gardeners
must be sponsored by a CGCI federated garden club or District
must be registered annually with CGCI Youth Chairman
has all privileges of CGCI except the right to vote and hold office
NEW Youth Group:  Complete and submit the form at right:
     Select the “New Application” option
     Once the application is reviewed you will be contacted by the CGCI Youth Activities Coordinator
     Ratification of the Youth Group will be at the next CGCI Board Meeting (September, February or June)
Annual Renewal/Report:  Complete and submit the form at right:
     Select “Annual Renewal Report” option
     Submit a separate form for each sponsored group.

Club or District Sponsor

ACTIVE: The sponsoring group directly participates in planning/carrying out programs and activities of the youth group, i.e. holds regular classes or meetings, teaches fundamentals of horticulture, design etc. DONOR: The sponsoring group donates money or materials in support of youth groups or projects and takes NO active role.