Youth Groups can be organized in schools, churches, recreational and after-school programs, Scouts, 4-H, FFA, FHA, Campfire, and similar groups.

Each category of youth gardeners

  • must be sponsored by a CGCI federated garden club or District
  • must be registered annually with CGCI Youth Chairman
  • has all privileges of CGCI except the right to vote and hold office

NEW Youth Group:  Complete and submit the form at right:

  • Select the “New Application” option
  • Once the application is reviewed you will be notified by the CGCI Youth Activities Coordinator
  • Ratification of the Youth Group will be at the next CGCI Board Meeting (September, February or June)

Annual Renewal/Report:  Complete and submit the form at right:

  • Select “Annual Renewal Report” option
  • Submit a separate form for each sponsored group.

Youth Group New/Renewal Form

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ACTIVE: The sponsoring group directly participates in planning/carrying out programs and activities of the youth group, i.e. holds regular classes or meetings, teaches fundamentals of horticulture, design etc. DONOR: The sponsoring group donates money or materials in support of youth groups or projects and takes NO active role.

The individual who coordinates the youth activities for the sponsoring organization.