CGCI Districts

CGCI Districts
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    1. Humboldt
    2. Top o’ the State
    3. Cascade
    4. Plumas-Lassen (inactive)
    5. Mendo-Lake
    6. Buttes
    7. Golden Foothills
    8. Luther Burbank
    9. Sacramento River Valley
    10. Bay Bridges
    11. Diablo Foothills
    12. Valley Lode
    13. Bay Ocean
    14. Santa Clara Valley
    1. Central Coast Counties (inactive)
    2. Yosemite Gateway
    3. Montana de Oro
    4. Sequoia Foothills
    5. Desert Empire
    6. Channel Islands
    7. San Fernando Valley
    8. Greater Los Angeles
    9. Arboretum
    10. Costa Verde
    11. Orange County
    12. Palms to Pines
    13. Roadrunner
    14. Palomar
    Palomar Orange County Costa Verde Greater Los Angeles Palms to Pines Arboretum San Fernando Valley Channel Islands Sequoia Foothills Roadrunner Roadrunner Desert Empire Desert Empire Sequoia Foothills Montana De Oro Yosemite Gateway Central Coast Santa Clara Valley Diablo Foothills Bay Bridges Bay Bridges Bay Ocean Valley Lode Valley Lode Golden Foothills Sacramento River Valley Luther Burbank Buttes Mendo-Lake Plumas Lassen Cascade Top O' The State Humboldt