President’s Project 2019-2021

Note:   This project is now complete.  

Total donations = $23,303.78 – THANK YOU!

Plant America – Plant Parks

Chairman:   Julie West,

The one and one-half acre San Bruno Mountain Botanical Garden, located within the area of the main park entrance to San Bruno Mountain State & County Park in San Mateo County, was created in the late 1990’s and two decades later, exists in name only. The goal is not to return the garden to its exact previous layout but to collaboratively create a new garden that fulfills the original goal of representing the native plant communities as well as create an educational center and outdoor classroom to learn about the unique flora of San Bruno Mountain.  

This restoration project provides an opportunity to engage many communities from schools to neighborhood organizations, local businesses, garden clubs throughout California and individuals. The financial goal of this two-year project is to raise $20,000 to propagate 1,000-gallon plants representing 100 species native to San Bruno Mountain, manufacture one large interpretive sign describing the plant communities and layout of the San Bruno Mountain Botanical Garden  and 100 smaller signs for the individual plant species that tell a unique story of the mountain and the native plants.  

NOTE: Colonies of the federally endangered Mission Blue and San Bruno Elfin butterflies survive on San Bruno Mountain.


San Bruno mountain park photo       San Bruno mountain park photo       San Bruno mountain park photo