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*Penny Pines (donations made to the US Forest Service),
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CGCI offers a number of ways to support not only the organization, but also efforts to preserve our natural resources and the natural beauty of our state. We recognize that a neighborhood that is clean, safe, healthy and a pleasure to view improves the quality of the life of every member of the community.

Extending far beyond our own backyards, CGCI’s conservation efforts include much more than recycling and composting. Knowing that our land, flora, fauna and our way of life are all threatened by the misuse and abuse, CGCI members continually make efforts to study relevant issues and take appropriate actions before it is too late.

Since the beginning, garden clubs have had the betterment and beautification of their communities as one of their main priorities. Whether it’s planting a tree at a local school to celebrate California’s Arbor Day (March 7, commemorating Luther Burbank’s Birthday) or volunteering to assist with plantings and clean-up at public buildings (schools, libraries, museums, etc.) parks, historic sites, gateways to cities or towns, roadsides, roadways/by-ways, and more, the majority of clubs in CGCI are busy with community projects. In addition, CGCI has established two endowment funds and the Golden Legacy Society to help secure the financial future of the organization.

The following board-ratified projects may be added or removed by the Board of Directors as needed

  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: A project to help restore the three-acre Visitor Center Desert Garden at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Total estimated project cost: $15,000.
  • Black Point Garden: (New 2021) supporting the development of the historic Black Point Garden, an area just under one acre in size encompassing the hillside overlooking Aquatic Park in San Francisco
  • Blue Star & Gold Star Families Memorials: a nationwide project of NGC, honors men and women who serve our country in military service. In 2015 the Gold Star Families Memorials were added to the project remembering those who lost their lives in service.
  • Penny Pines: Donations to the Forest Service to replant and restore California forests.
  • Sempervirens Fund: Since 1973, CGCI members have financially supported the Sempervirens Fund and Big Basin Redwoods State Park near Santa Cruz to protect and conserve coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), one of California’s natural resources. In addition, donors may choose to set aside a mature, standing tree in honor of or in memory of garden club members, their families and friends.
  • Sempervirens Fund Big Basin Recovery Fund: Restoring the buildings and infrastructure destroyed by fire including the historical Visitors Center and signage.

Long-Range Opportunities:

  • CGCI Endowment Funds: Two funds have been established, CGCI Scholarship Endowment Fund and CGCI Endowment Fund, to secure the future of the scholarship program as well as the organization.
    • GivingTuesday:  A special annual opportunity to support the Endowment Funds
  • CGCI Scholarships: Direct donations to the Scholarship Fund are welcome.
  • Golden Legacy Society:  Created to acknowledge the contributions of those individuals who have included CGCI in their estate plans.

Member: Honors & Memorials:

  • Honor Book: Contributions made in recognition of outstanding service or as a memorial for an individual member. Proceeds fund the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest, Lifetime Service Award and the Community Impact Award.
  • Life Memberships: CGCI Life Memberships support the Scholarship fund and are a great way to honor a member.
  • Member Award of Distinction: Recognizing outstanding service of an individual member. Proceeds benefit the CGCI Educational Pamphlets Fund.

Additional Projects:

  • Canceled postage stamps: CGCI is collecting USED stamps to be sent to Boys Town, Omaha, NE. Boys Town has helped countless young boys and girls ready themselves for the future. The stamps sent will be distributed and sold in bulk to buyers as well as given to Boys Town residents for their own stamp collections. Save the stamps from envelopes received in the mail and cut them from the envelope leaving a one inch margin around the stamp. Stamps may be given to your District Director to bring to CGCI board meetings or conventions.