Endowment Funds

Chairman, Board of Trustees: Julie A. West, julieawest@aol.com

In June 2010 the Board of Directors established two Endowment Funds:

“CGCI Scholarship Endowment Fund” and “CGCI Endowment Fund”


  • The CGCI Board of Trustees serves as the Endowment Committee with responsibility and authority to administer and manage the assets of both Endowment Funds under general guidelines authorized and governed by the Charters of each endowment.
  • Donations may be designated for deposit in one endowment fund or split between the two funds: CGCI and Scholarship.
      • Link to the forms is in the right sidebar.
      • The Endowment Secretary shall send acknowledgment letters to donors in accordance with IRS guidelines for all donations received.
  • CGCI Scholarship Endowment Fund Charter
  • CGCI Endowment Fund Charter
  • For information on scholarships available and eligibility requirements go to Scholarships
  • NOTE: You do not need to be a member of a garden club to donate.
Mary Arakelian
Katherine Biggins
Albert Chang
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Garden Study Club of the Peninsula, Inc.
Robert Gordon
Dwight & Joelle Holford
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Loesch
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George Perko
Principal Financial
J. David & Julie A. West