From 1998 – 2001: A few garden enthusiasts in the Glenmoor area of Fremont had been organizing and holding a “Glenmoor Garden Tour”.  In 2000 and 2001, Patti Born, Sandy Leonhardt, Kathy Hesser, and Madeline Holmes (with the help of a few other Glenmoor residents) helped with the organization of these tours.  Patti Born’s home was showcased on the last “Glenmoor Garden Tour” in 2001.  In her passion for gardening, she put out a sign-up sheet for those interested in joining a “Fremont Garden Club”.  There were about 12 charter members our first year, 2002. The Glenmoor Tour group transferred the funds from the previous two tours as seed money to get the club started and to be used in the future to beautify our city. (The monies for the “Tree Grants” will come from this generous donation.)  

This “new” garden club was formed around our passion for gardening, with an emphasis on having FUN first and foremost, and a “no pressure” to work on projects philosophy.  Many areas of our lives expect service and Patti’s vision for this club was to allow as much pleasure as possible and leave the service part to other endeavors the members might be involved in.  Patti’s philosophy is: “many hands make light work, and if the work is already light and simple, this should be a pleasure”. Planning and events are meant to be a “team effort” so that no one person is overburdened.  Our hope and desire was that this “Fremont Garden Club” could feed all members’ passion and give you great pleasure.

The first two years, 2002 and 2003, we held the “Fremont Garden Tour” with great success. It was great fun, but also a lot of work. In the years since, we have focused on activities for the group to enjoy. Meetings and tours are centered around learning, sharing, and enjoying every aspect of gardening.