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      1. Rose Garden
        • Location: Historic Faria House
        • Beneficiary: City of Pinole
        • Members deadhead, prune and maintain the rose bushes on a monthly basis with an annual pruning workshop. This provides assistance to the City and contributes to the beautification of Pinole.
      2. Blue Star Memorial Marker
        • Location: Pinole
        • Beneficiary: City of Pinole & Community
        • After World War II, a nationwide movement was started to pay tribute to the nation’s armed forces, by designating various State and national routes as “Blue Star Memorial Highways.” In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. approved the Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker program. California Garden Clubs, Inc. accepted the program in 1947, when the California Legislature designated Highway 40 (now Route 80) and Highway 99. Caltrans cooperates with the California Garden Clubs, Inc. in erecting and maintaining appropriate memorial markers on highways that the California Legislature has designated as Blue Star Memorial Highways. The Blue Star Memorial Marker is located at Pinole Valley Road & I-80 East on-ramp. Pinole Garden Club members display American flags on flag days and maintain the grounds in the area in front of the memorial.
      3. Present Arbor Day Tree to Pinole
        • Location: Pinole
        • Beneficiary: City of Pinole
        • A tree is purchased and members present it to the City to honor deceased Club members or members of the Armed Forces.
      4. Holiday Tree/Candy Cane Contest
        • Location: Pinole Library
        • Beneficiary: Children of Pinole
        • Members decorate the Christmas tree and set up the Candy Cane Contest.
      5. Pinole Welcome Wall Area
        • Location: Pinole
        • Beneficiary: City of Pinole
        • At the Pinole Valley Road entrance to the City of Pinole [near I-80], there is an adobe brick wall that contains the logos of various service clubs. The grounds in front of the wall are planted, maintained, and decorated for various holidays by members.
      6. “A Tree Grows in Pinole” Skit
        • Location: Pinole Schools
        • Beneficiary: Children of Pinole
        • Members perform the skit to kindergarten students at local schools as an Educational & Environmental Project. A book is presented to each class.
      7. Bi-Monthly Garden Therapy
        • Location: Greenridge Senior Care, El Sobrante
        • Beneficiary: Residents of the home
        • Members furnish flowers or purchase fresh flowers to help the residents create arrangements, and visit with them.
      8. USDA Penny Pines
        • Established in 1941 to aid in the reforestation of our beautiful California forests, particularly in burned-over areas. In 1957, the CGCI voted to include the program as part of their ongoing conservation program. We participate in the Penny Pines Conservation Program by contributing to the cost of a Penny Pines Plantation [one acre, 325 trees], which is $68.
      9. Scholarship Fund
        • Each year, Pinole Garden Club gives a scholarship to a deserving student to financially assist her/him in her/his horticultural studies at a local college.  Sometimes the budget will allow for more than one scholarship to be given per calendar year.
      10. Heifer Project International
        • Typically, the projects consist of three essential components: livestock and other material goods; training in the care of livestock and extension work; and organizational development. Our club participates in the Tree Seedlings Program.
      11. The Gardens at Heather Farm
        • A group of more than twenty public demonstration gardens and interactive learning sites located in Walnut Creek. The 3-1/2 acres of gardens specialize in plants adapted to a Mediterranean climate and are maintained through the united efforts of volunteers, most of whom are garden club members.
      12. Front Garden Landscape Contest
        • A Front Garden Landscape Contest is held each spring to encourage the citizens of Pinole to “spruce up” their gardens, and therefore beautify the city. Prizes are donated by the Garden Club. The prizes are presented at a Pinole City Council Meeting where photos and videos of the winning gardens are presented and contributions are acknowledged. The city and all its citizens benefit. Our last contest was held in 2013. [NOTE:  The severe drought of 2015 has forced us to postpone this contest until such time as sufficient annual rainfall allows the contest to go forward].
      13. Books for Pinole Library
        • Our club purchases garden-related books and DVDs for Pinole Library.
    1.     14.  Replace dead and/or diseased Arbor Day Trees.
        • Location:  City of Pinole
        • Beneficiary:  Residents of Pinole
        • The Club coordinates with the City in the purchase, removal and planting of the trees.  This contributes to the beautification of Pinole.

    15. Planting Drought-Tolerant Succulents in City Hall Planters

        • Beneficiary: Residents of Pinole
        • Location: Pinole City Hall
        • The two large cement planters in front of Pinole City Hall were bare of plants and needed to be refurbished with new soil and some drought-resistant plants. Our team chose succulents because of their hardiness. This new project was completed in one afternoon in October 2018, and the new plants look lovely!