Dues Form Instructions

Due Date: July 1

1. COMPLETE the form
2. PRINT THE PAGE (click "Print Form". Print TWO copies - one to mail and one for your records)
3. SUBMIT AN ELECTRONIC COPY of the form (click "Submit" button)
4. Make Check payable to "CGCI" (Dues are $2.75 per capita)
5. Mail printed form and check to:

CGCI Membership Chairman Nina Blonski
5050 Traverse Creek Road, Garden Valley, 95633

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Contact Information Form
NOTE: If no initial payment is received by October 1 the organization becomes ineligible for participation in the CGCI Awards program and to apply for Liability Insurance or the Group Tax Exemption Program.

Dues: Annual (Clubs/APS)

***This form is to be used FOR 2024-2025 DUES (either full annual amount or additional members throughout the year)***

If you are paying the General Liability Insurance premium go to: Insurance   DO NOT USE THIS FORM

Type first letter of name to skip to that section of the alphabet; scroll down and select.
Initial payment is due July 1, delinquent after Oct 1.   Dues for Additional members may be paid periodically throughout the year.
Include honorary & life
# members x $2.75
Person submitting form
Check payable to CGCI.
Mail with copy of form to: Nina Blonski, 5050 Traverse Creek Road, Garden Valley, CA 95633
PRINT FORM (Print TWO copies before clicking on Submit)