Roseville Better Gardens Club Scholarship Program 

(Next deadline: May 1, 2022)

Thank you for your interest in the Roseville Better Gardens Club Scholarship Program.  This scholarship is funded by proceeds from our club’s annual plant sale and fund raising efforts.  We are very proud of our scholarship program which began in 2017.  

​One-year scholarships are available for college students pursuing a horticulture-related degree.  ​The scholarship application packet consists of the Scholarship Program Instructions and Guidelines and the Scholarship Application Form – 2020 – 2022.  The link is at the bottom of this page, “APPLICATION & INSTRUCTIONS & GUIDELINES”.

Scholarship Program Instructions and Guidelines

Details of the Award:  An award in the amount of $1,000 is available for the 2020 – 2022 timeframe.

Who can apply:  One-year scholarships will be available to sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate college students pursuing a horticulture-related degree.  Freshman applicants may apply as a Freshman when entering the sophomore year.  Applicants may be part-time or full-time.  Awarded funds must be used within 12 months of receipt.

Applicant Eligibility:  A deserving college student will be awarded scholarship funds based upon his/her scholastic record, career goals, financial need, character, initiative, work ethic and general attitude.  Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

Residency:  Must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.  Must be a California resident and one of the following:(1) A resident (permanent home address) of El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento or Yolo County; OR (2) A temporary resident in El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento or Yolo attending a college or university within these counties.  (Address on transcript is proof.)

Academic record:  Applicant must have at least 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) to be eligible to apply.  (Transcript needed)

Career focus:  Applicant must be pursuing a career/occupation related to gardening, landscape design, environmental issues, floral design or horticulture.  Must be majoring in one of the following: Agri-business (farming), Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape design, Botany, Forestry, Wildlife science, Plant pathology/science, Habitat or forest systems ecology, Environmental concerns (Management: environmental, Horticulture resource/ environmental behavior), Environmental conservation OR Land management and/or other related.

International or foreign exchange students are not eligible.  Doctorial students are not eligible.

Application Package:   All requested documents (except for recommendation letters) must be printed single sided (no back-to-back printing) and mailed by the applicant in one packet/envelope by the announced deadline.  Documents should not be placed in page protectors or in any sort of permanent binder.  No stapled pages.  Recommendation letters are to be sent directly by the author to the address listed below.  The following documents must be submitted:

1. Application Form: A complete and signed RBGC Scholarship Application Form.

2. Academic Record: A copy of all transcripts of all courses completed is required.  Emphasis is placed on the strength of courses related to student’s major in horticulture or related field. (Official transcript(s) are not required at time of application.  See disbursement of funds below for additional information.)

3. Applicant’s letter: Discuss goals, background, financial need (income) and personal commitment to career choice.  Limit to two (2) typed or computer-generated pages.

4. Resume including a list of honors, extracurricular activities, work experience: This information should be typed or computer generated on a separate page and not included in the body of the applicant’s letter.

5. Recommendations: Two (2) letters of recommendation describing character, initiative, general attitude, work ethic.  References from family members will not be accepted.  Each letter must be sent by the author directly to the Roseville Better Garden Club to the address listed below by the application deadline.

Renewal: Scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis provided the applicant reapplies, remains in a horticulturerelated field of study, is in good standing with his or her college or university, and continues to meet the RBGC Scholarship criteria.  When an applicant re-applies for a scholarship, a complete new application must be submitted.

Disbursement of Funds:  The winning applicant (recipient) will receive an award letter and certificate.  Upon notification, the winner must provide a copy of all Official Transcript(s) prior to disbursement of funds OR within 30 calendar days of notification.  The Scholarship Committee Chairman will notify all applicants (winning and non-winning) in writing of the committee’s decisions on or about mid-June.   A check will be issued directly to the college or university where the winning applicant is enrolled to be deposited in the name of the student account when fall quarter/semester begins. Scholarship funds can be used for tuition, books or other school related expenses.  In the event of a change in a recipient’s major or withdrawal from the school, the balance of the funds must be returned to the RBGC Treasurer.

Deadline:The complete Application Package including the Application Form, all transcripts, applicant’s Letter, and resume must be sent in one packet to the Roseville Better Garden Club’s Scholarship Co-Chair postmarked no later than May 1, 2022.   Letters of recommendation must be sent directly from the author to:

Roseville Better Gardens Club

​Scholarship Program Committee Chairman

7738 Ophelia Court, Citrus Heights, CA 95610-2607

No late application packages will be considered.


Updated 10/11/2021