Websites & Email

“Build it and they will come!”
Clubs or Districts are eligible to have a website or email address hosted by CGCI…it’s a benefit of membership!
  • Level I – If you don’t have the expertise we will create a simple, single page for you
  • Level II – You can create and maintain your own site
  • Link Request – Link your existing site (created/hosted outside CGCI) to CGCI
Website Administrator’s Handbook
For a list of websites hosted or linked go to Member Organizations by Website

Cost – FREE

    • This is the simplest option and may be suitable for those clubs or districts with no individual available to assume the Website Administrator responsibilities

What you get:

    • A one page website created by the CGCI Webmaster, with basic information i.e. club name, president, meeting day/time/location, list of main activities/projects/programs, club contact info (phone or email)
    • The page will be a standard format within the CGCI main website framework (i.e. your page will be styled the same as the CGCI website)
    • ONE photo or logo will be used if provided in proper format
    • ONE annual update (change of president or club contact, programs/activities etc)
    • A website address:
    • To view a sample Level I page go to Bidwell Designers Guild

Complete and submit the Request Form

    • Please allow 7-14 days for the page to be created and posted
    • You will be notified by the CGCI Webmaster when the page is complete. 
    • Questions?  Contact:
Cost – FREE
    • This option is available for those clubs or districts with an individual available who can assume the Website Administrator responsibilities and who has the requisite knowledge and skill level
What you get:
    • Your club or district will be able to create up to five (5) pages within the CGCI main website framework (i.e. your pages will be styled the same as the CGCI website)
    • Your designated Administrator will have direct access (to your pages only) and be able to “log-on” and create/edit pages in a manner similar to creating a Word document.
    • These pages can be edited at any time and allows a bit more flexibility and creativity
    • The CGCI Webmaster will provide the basic training required.
    • A website address:
    • Website Administrator’s Handbook


    • Select ONE Club/District Website Administrator who will be responsible for all aspects of creating and editing your website.  (This eliminates complications caused by more than one person changing/updating the same page(s) and information.)
    • Website Administrator must have at least intermediate skill level and experience in creating and editing electronic documents and/or web pages, including the ability to upload and edit images, link documents or other websites/pages and be fully responsible for keeping the website and its information up to date.
Complete and submit the Request Form
    • Please allow 7-14 days for approval and account setup
    • Once approved you will receive an email from the CGCI Webmaster with log-in information and start-up instructions.
    • Questions:  Contact
  • Cost – FREE
  • What you get: 
    • a link to a website you have created through another website builder/platform.
  • Requirements:
    • Provide name, email and telephone # for club/district point of contact (for use by CGCI Webmaster)
    • Advise the CGCI Webmaster should the URL ever change
    • You provide the URL – it will be linked to your club or district name on the CGCI Club/District Website list
  • Complete the Request Form
    • Please allow 7-14 days to complete the process. 
    • The CGCI Webmaster will notify you via email when the link is active.
    • Questions?  Contact
  • It provides you with a central point of contact
  • It keeps organizational mail out of your personal email inbox and offers another level of protection for that personal account
    • Use it on your website, in newspaper publicity, flyers etc
  • Provides a standardized account that does not need to be changed/updated with each election cycle
  • Access may be safely shared with others in your organization i.e. other elected officers
  • It’s a benefit of your membership and its FREE
How does it work? 
  • The email address will be – your selected, i.e.
  • It is a standard google mail (gmail) account so there is nothing new or special to learn
  • You can log in from the CGCI website link or from the standard google sign-in page
  • Accounts can be set up for a club or district and/or officers (by position not name) within each (president, treasurer, etc)
  • Go to Email Request Form complete and submit