CGCI Hosted Email

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Clubs, Districts and CGCI Board Members are eligible to have an email address hosted by CGCI…it’s a benefit of membership!
Do you have a website?   Let us know so it can be linked.
  • It provides you with a central point of contact
  • It keeps organizational mail out of your personal email inbox and offers another level of protection for that personal account
    • Clubs/Districts: Use it on your website, in newspaper publicity, flyers etc.
    • CGCI Board: use it for official correspondence
  • Provides a standardized account that does not need to be changed/updated with each election cycle
  • Access may be safely shared with others in your organization i.e. other elected officers
  • It’s a benefit of your membership and its FREE
How does it work?  
  • The email address will be:
    • your club/district
    • your selected,  i.e.
  • It is a standard google mail (gmail) account so there is nothing new or special to learn
  • You can log in from the CGCI website link or from the standard google Gmail sign-in page
  • Accounts can be set up for a club or district and/or officers (by position not name) within each (president, treasurer, etc.)
  • Go to Email Request Form complete and submit
  • Cost – FREE
  • What you get:  
    • a link to a website you have created through another website builder/platform.
  • Requirements:
    • Advise the CGCI Webmaster should the URL ever change
    • You provide the URL – it will be linked to your club or district name on the CGCI Club/District Website list
  • Complete the Request Form
    • Please allow 7-14 days to complete the process.  
    • The CGCI Webmaster will notify you via email when the link is active.
    • Questions?   Contact