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Palomar District
Director 2022-23
Sharon Tooley
Theme:   Plant America – Plant Trees
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District Affiliates:
Coronado Floral Association
San Diego Master Gardeners
San Diego Floral Association
San Diego Horticultural Society
Southwestern Judges Council
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31 Fall General Meeting, Monday, hosted by Paradise Gardeners

27 Winter General Meeting, Monday, hosted by Bonita Valley GC and Palomar District

15 Poway Valley GC, Saturday, Flower Show
15 Coronado GC, Saturday, Flower Show
16 Coronado GC, Sunday, Flower Show
21 Dos Valles GC, Saturday, Flower Show
22 Dos Valles GC, Sunday, Flower Show

6 Vista GC, Saturday, Flower Show
7 Vista GC, Sunday, Flower Show

12 Summer General Meeting, Monday, hosted by Dos Valles GC